What Can You Do With Cornmeal Or Corn Flower?

Corn can be milled so fine that the crushed kernels resemble flour. Or, corn can be milled to a sandy grain, known as cornmeal. If you have lots of dried corn that you want to use for corn milling but you don't know what to do with the finished product, use this guide to assist you. There are many things you can do with cornmeal or corn flour.

Make pancakes

Corn flour can be used instead of traditional flour (for those who have wheat sensitivities or who just want to eat more healthily). One of the easiest ways to use corn flour is in pancakes or waffles. The corn flour has a natural taste that is pleasant and sweet and results in dense, tasty breakfast treats that are enjoyable.

Eat alone

Cornmeal, due to its slightly thick consistency, can be eaten alone as a main course for a meal. Often fried into a grit-like substance, cornmeal can be flavored with butter, salt, and pepper for a tasty dish.

Cornmeal is similar to creamed wheat and can be prepared much the same way. For a sweeter approach to cornmeal, boil the mixture in water until fully cooked and add butter, milk, sugar, syrup, jam, or other sweet toppings to make your breakfast or dessert treat complete.

Make cakes

Corn flour can be used to make cakes, although it can be inconsistent in some recipes. Play around with corn flour (you can use both corn and traditional flour) in your favorite baking recipes to find what works best for you.

If using corn flour for cookies and sweet breads, you'll want to experiment with different brands and styles of corn flour to get the results you want. If using your own corn flour, mix the flour with coconut or other flour types to create a consistency that works for your baked goods best.


Cornmeal is a great garnish for many types of casseroles, vegetables, salads, and meats. Any recipe that traditionally calls for crackers, bread crumbs, corned flakes, or other garnishment can be replaced with cornmeal for a tasty crunch that makes a meal complete.

Cornmeal is excellent for use in breading chicken and fish. Combine cornmeal with spices to create the right flavor you desire. You can stored leftover flavored cornmeal in an airtight container for future use.

Cornmeal and corn flour have many uses for baking, cooking, and enjoying in the home. Use cornmeal and flour in many of your favorite recipes.

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